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Dear Seller,
Your time is extremely valuable to us!. At the same time, we want your wonderful and lovely collection to reach more people.

With our solution, once you “Signup with Instagram“, you’ll be able to import your Instagram listings with just ONE CLICK. You’ll also get a dedicated Storefront for your listings within 60 Seconds. Yes! its that seemless and hasslefree! (If you are already selling on Instagram).
Just imagine the amount of views your products and listings will get, just at the click of a button! And its absolutely FREE. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

For Queries, you can check out the FAQ Section.
Alternatively, reach out to us at-

Email- [email protected]
Whatsapp- +91-8828291074

We typically respond back within an hour.
  1. What kinds of information do we collect?
    This feature is based on Instagram’s Graph API, that has been offered to us by Facebook & Smashbaloon. Please visit this [link] for details. We are only allowed to collect info about your (a) Username, (b) Posts, (c) Post Captions

  2. What kinds of information we DO NOT collect?
    Neither do we intend to nor are we able to collect any of your personal information which includes- (a) Your Followers, (b) Your Following, (c) Your Chats, (d) Your like/comment/tags etc.
    Since it is governed by Facebook, We DO NOT get access to any of your personal information., neither do we intend to access it.
    In case of further concerns, you can always reach out to us [link] Cheers!

  3. How do we use this information?
    Provide Personalized Service: The information about your posts, captions and username will be used enable you to import your listings to platform from instagream with just click of a button.
    Promote safety, integrity and security: We use the information we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences.
    Communicate with you: We might use your username to communicate with you in future about product sales.
    Research and innovate for social good: Our aim is to create a vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts to promote sustainable and trendy fashion in India

  4. How is this information shared?
    This information is used to create listings for YOUR PRODUCTS under YOUR BRAND NAME and hence will be shown to people using platform (Buyers, Sellers, Influencers)

  5. How can I manage or delete information about me?
    We provide you with the ability to access, rectify and erase your data. In case of further concerns, you can always reach out to us [link] Cheers!
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