How Does It Work? connects you to independent Pro Sellers (Influencers) who will sell your clothes for you (either on reeflect platform or on their Instagram handles). Pros handle pricing, listing, negotiating with buyers, packing and shipping each item for you. Here’s how it works:

1. Take photos of your clothes, shoes, and handbags and upload on
2. Get matched with a Pro Seller. Once a pro seller likes your product, our team will reach out to you to review price estimates and commission. PS- The pro seller decides the price and commission based on the quality of your product, image quality and its trendiness.
3. Once you agree, your Pro will do all the selling work for you. You will get paid as soon as your Pro receives the funds for each individual sale.
4. Once your item is sold, our team will reach out to you with the next steps and you’ll get paid (via bank transfer/UPI).

Due to ongoing COVID situation, the Pro uses the same photo which you uploaded and sells on your behalf. Hence it is very important to create quality listings. See the guide here.

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