Frequently Asked Questions


Instagram Listings

Login with your Instagram account. You will be able to sell all your posts.  Simply click on the post you want to import, fill the description and done!. Just 10 Seconds!!!

Yes!. Your instagram caption is autoatically filled as description. However we request you to vet the details.

Try again. There might be some technical problem with your browser. In that case, you can go for manual listings.

We are using Instagram’s own API and hence it is completely safe. Reflect-Me cannot access any of your personal info, messages. Only the posts you have shared to the public are accessible.

Well 240+ sellers on our platform are using it 🙂 


You will get an automatic email with address and product details as soon as you get the order.  Also we will reach out to you and notify.

Wash > Iron > Pack it > Ship it. Send us the tracking details, get paid!

Manual Listings

You should always insert the size that is mentioned in the size tag. Please don’t measure and put unless it is customed product.

Minimum 3 photos are compulsory. 4-5 photos would be great.


As of now you only have to ship your product. you will be getting flat rs 70 for shipping from us. 

You don’t need to spend money on shipping. we will pay you flat rs 70 for shipping. (this is a one-time shipping cost.)

Offers for sellers

Earn 10% more on every transaction on reeflect. For example say you sell a product for INR 600, you earn INR 660.

Whoever using our platform for selling. 

You can ask your buyers to buy your product on reeflect me. Market on Instagram, and ask your buyers to make purchase on reeflect platform. As we have a secure payment gateway, there is literally no chance of scam. And its hassle free for you.

The offer is valid till 1st August 2021 regardless of the number of transactions.

You can earn a maximum of Rs 1000 using this offer.

Through this, we want to protect the thrift community from scams/ mishaps. We are encouraging you to transact on reeflect as it is safe and you are protected under our buyer/seller protection policy


We will pay you by whatever mode of transaction you are comfortable with.

You will be paid immediately after shipment. (shipping proof required)

Sell with pro

If you are an individual/ new seller, you can sell with a pro. One of our pro sellers (Leading Instagram Influencers/ Stylists) will sell for you.

You can sell clothes, footwear as well as accessories. 

Our Pro sellers are typically leading Instagram Thrift Stores, Influencers, Stylists 

Yes, you can. Please contact us if you are interested.

That will be bargained and decided after your product is shortlisted.

Visit here-


Product Search

Go to Home ( There is a search button just near the header. You can search for your favorite stylemate. 

Go to shop (choose from top), In accessories category you will be able to find all bags, jewellary items, sruchies, etc)


You can quote any price you want, It would be great if you don’t reduce the price by more than 15 %.

This tool basically designed for real-time bargaining experience. Make an offer with your price and bargain with seller. If your offer is accepted, you will hear from us.

Return/refund policy

We will be sorry if this ever happens, but we will refund your money in that case. Just let us know by mail or messege. Don’t forget to attach proof.

Some deliveries may take time, wait for a week If still there is a problem just let us know by mail or messege


You’ll be sent the tracking details and link over email

Your order will be shipped by the seller in two days after the order is placed

Payment Information

You can use all options that are available in the payment gateway

No COD available as of now

You can use 100% of it to purchase items, money will be automatically deducted while purchasing

You cannot withdraw money but you can use all moneu to purchase your order.

Offers for buyers

Use coupon code WELCOME15 to avail 15% discount on your purchase. Offers will be changed monthly.

You will find an option for inserting coupon code while checkout

WELCOME15 coupon is valid for your first three orders

You can get a total discount of up to rs 1000. 

5% Discount
60% Discount
₹100 Off
Next Time!
No luck today
100% Off
15% Off
Free Gift
20% Discount
Free Shipping
₹200 Off
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